SOPhiA 2023


Press statement

Press statement for the Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy – SOPhiA 2023

Mission statement. Within the conference, problems of all areas of philosophy should be discussed. A thematical focus is not intended. The conference therefore has no specific theme. The presentations should rather set themselves apart by a methodical limitation to the tradition of Analytic Philosophy by usage of clear language and comprehensible arguments. „Presentations and papers in the tradition of Analytic Philosophy“ is, as per definition of the conference hosts, understood as presentations and papers that are methodologically similar to presentations and papers of Bernard Bolzano, Gottlob Frege, Bertrand Russell, Rudolf Carnap, Janina Hosiasson-Lindenbaum, Karl R. Popper, Rose Rand, Philippa Foot, Ruth Barcan Marcus and other recognised analytic philosophers, or that show efforts of a similar approach. The conference is meant to be a unified effort of the conference attendees to clearly formulate some of the problems of philosophy and to provide a critical assessment of them. No individual philosopher is expected to construct „a whole building of philosophy“ all by herself; rather, the conference hosts expect everyone, as Carnap proposes, to bring the undertaking forward „at his specific place within“ philosophy.

Photos of the conference